LOMO, 2x Anamorphic 40-120mm T3.1 (PL)

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  • (1) LOMO 2x Anamorphic 40-120mm T3.1 (PL)
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    Supplier: Old Fast Glass

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    Address: 11058 RANDALL ST, SUN VALLEY, California 91352

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  • Monday: 2:00 am - 11:00 pm PDT
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  • Supplier Phone Number: (747) 223-2343

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    About Supplier

    Old Fast Glass is a Los Angeles based camera rental house. We offer high-end digital cinema cameras, as well as 35mm, 16mm, and 8mm motion picture cameras, cinema lenses, and a huge selection of professional camera accessories. We have a 9000 square foot facility complete with many spacious prep bays, a lens test studio, and a friendly staff ready to help you select the right gear for your shoot, as well as assist you with your camera prep. We have amazing relationships with cinematographers who come to us specifically for our unique lens collection, and our knowledge of pairing the right lenses to a project. We have one of the largest collections of vintage cinema lenses in the world, and a quickly growing inventory of modern cinema lenses as well, with amazing options for spherical and anamorphic, primes and zooms, large format, Super 35mm, and Super 16mm. Our website has individual pages for each lens set, as well as every zoom and specialty lens. We are continuing to add test videos, as well as videos shot by our clients to help you choose the right lens for your project.

    11058 RANDALL ST, SUN VALLEY, California 91352

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